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Cybersecurity NOI Comments

Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy


Comments received in Response to
Federal Register Notice 100721305–0305–01.

Date Received from

Cyveillance, Inc.

9/9/10 Honeywell Int.
9/10/10 ISC2
9/13/10 BITS
9/13/10 Information Use Management and Policy Institute
9/13/10 Smart Card Alliance 
9/13/10 Synaptic Laboratories Limited
9/13/10 Technology Assurance Alliance
9/13/10 VeriSign
9/13/10 Vertical Horizons One
9/13/10 Wave Systems
9/15/10 atsec
9/15/10 Document Orchards
9/15/10 Russel Thomas
9/16/10 Triad Biometrics
9/17/10 ISACA
9/18/10 Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group
9/20/10 American National Standards Institute
9/20/10 AT&T, Appendix A, Appendix B
9/20/10 David Black
9/20/10 BSA
9/20/10 Center for Democracy and Technology
9/20/10 U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Cisco Systems

9/20/10 CompTIA
9/20/10 CTIA
9/20/10 Google
9/20/10 IBM
9/20/10 Information Technology Industry Council
9/20/10 Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism
9/20/10 Internet Security Alliance
9/20/10 Richard Lamb
9/20/10 Microsoft
9/20/10 Network Solutions
9/20/10 Online Trust Alliance
9/20/10 .ORG Public Interest Registry
9/20/10 PayPal
9/20/10 Secure ID Coalition
9/20/10 StopBadware
9/20/10 TechAmerica
9/20/10 Tigers Lair
9/20/10 University Bank
9/20/10 USTelecom
9/22/10 U.S. Council for International Business
9/24/10 NBC
9/30/10 Cyber Risk Partners

Created October 4, 2010, Updated March 23, 2018