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Current Draft VVSG August 2007


Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG)

Current VVSG [Full DRAFT Report

Companion Documents

VVSG Introduction [Draft]:


  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Audience
  • Structure

Introduction to New and Expanded Material

  • The VVSG Structure
  • Organization of the VVSG
  • Voting System and Device Classes
  • Requirements Structure
  • Strict Terminology
  • Usability Performance Requirements
  • Expanded Usability and Accessibility Coverage
  • Software Independence
  • Independent Voter-Verifiable Records
  • The Innovation Class
  • Open-Ended Vulnerability Testing
  • Expanded Security Coverage
  • Treatment of COTS in Voting System Testing
  • End-to-End Testing for Accuracy and Reliability
  • Metric for Reliability
  • Expanded Core Requirements Coverage

VVSG Background

  • Earlier NIST Involvement
  • The 1990 VSS
  • The 2002 VSS
  • HAVA and VVSG 2005
  • Relationship of HAVA and the VVSG

Using The VVSG

  • Requirements Language and Structure
  • The Conformance Clause and Classes
  • Inheritance in Device Classes
  • Instantiated Device Classes
  • General Device Class Usage in Requirements
  • Navigating Through Requirements

Appendix A: Definitions of Words with Special Meanings in the VVSG

Appendix B: References and End Notes

Created September 28, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016