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Complex Systems Presentations

  1.               J. Filliben, Sensitivity Analysis Methodology for a Complex System Computational  Model, 39th Symposium on the Interface: Computing Science and Statistics,  Philadelphia, PA, May 26, 2007              
  2.               R. Pozo, A discussion of Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks by Albert  & Barbasi, internal presentation to Complex Systems Study Group, 2007.              
  3.               V. Stanford, Time Series Prediction Forecasting the Future and Understanding the  past (PPT). Santa Fe Institute Proceedings on the Studies in the Sciences of Complexity Edited by Andreas Weingend and Neil Gershenfeld. NIST Complex System Program, Perspectives on Standard Benchmark Data, In Quantifying Complex Systems, internal presentation to CxS? Study Group, Complex Systems Test Bed project. August  31, 2007.              
  4.               D. Genin, Percolation: Theory and Applications, internal presentation to  Complex Systems Study Group, 2007.
  5.               F. Hunt, Modelling Network Control an Optimization Approach, internal presentation to  Complex Systems Study Group, March 2008.            
  6.               J. Filliben & K. Mills, Full size figures for Nov 2008 Congestion Control Analysis, Image of the Month Nov. 2008.            
Created October 7, 2009, Updated March 23, 2018