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Contribution Instructions

Tools and use cases are contributed via GitHub pull requests, while feedback is contributed via GitHub issues. Contributed tools and use cases can be hosted directly in the NIST repository, or you can host them elsewhere online and link to them from the NIST repository.

How to Contribute Tools and Use Cases 

  1. Fork a copy of USNISTGOV/PrivacyEngCollabSpace to your own organizational or personal space. 

  1. Create a branch in your fork, named specifically for your contribution. 

  1. In your branch: 

    A. Create a new directory within the relevant tool or use case directory: tools/de-identification, tools/risk-assessment, use-cases/de-identification, or use-cases/risk-assessment.
    Example: tools/de-identification/[your-contribution-name] 

    B. Name the directory to describe your contribution. 

    C. Include in the directory a file that follows the relevant template. There is a template for a tool and for a use case contribution.

    D. If hosting a tool in this repository, also include in the directory any pertinent source code files or documentation.

    E. Update the file of the main directory to which you’re contributing. This README provides an index of that directory's contents. It should include an entry reflecting your contribution.
    1. Create a pull request (PR) from your branch to the master branch in USNISTGOV/PrivacyEngCollabSpace. 

    2. Moderators will then review the PR and may provide comments and suggestions to the contributor. 

    How to Contribute Feedback 

    Submit an issue to provide feedback on tools or use cases in the space. Please select appropriate tags related to the feedback.


    Create a pull request or submit an issue on GitHub.

    Contribute on GitHub

    GitHub Help

    If you're having trouble with these instructions, and need more information about GitHub, pull requests, and issues, visit GitHub's Help page.

    GitHub Help

    Contribution Assistance

    If you're having trouble submitting your contribution to this space, or otherwise would like to send us feedback, contact us.

    collabspace [at] (Contact Us)

    Created November 21, 2018, Updated June 2, 2021