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Comments on the 2nd Draft of AI Risk Management Framework

Comments on the second draft of the AI Risk Management Framework 


Adelin Travers

Adversa AI


AI Village
Alexander Einarsson
Alliance for Automotive Innovation
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
American Property Casualty Insurance Association
Andre Barbe
Andrew Clark, Monitaur
Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)
Bryan Nice
BSA The Software Alliance
Catherine Kargher
Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET)
Christine Custis
Cindy Chen
Community of Deep Learning Evangelists, Japan Deep Learning Association
Computing Research Association - Industry (CRA-I) and Computing Community Consortium (CCC)
Connected Health Initiative
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Daniel Eth
David Draper
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), National AI Institute (NAII)
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Emily Hadley
Empower AI and American Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
Flamelit Consulting LLC
Grant Baumbach
Holistic AI
Hugging Face
Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
Innocence Project
Institute of Environmental Science & Research (ESR)
Intel Corporation
Jason Rupert
Juyang (John) Weng (Attach 1) (Attach 2)
Kaiser Permanente (KP)
LiLi’s Quality by Design Consulting
Marlena Wisniak and Skoric Vanja
Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Michell Singleton
Microsoft Corporation
Muhammed Akif AĞCA 1 and Muhammed Akif AĞCA 2
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
NEC Corporation of America (NEC)
Nicholas J. Kaminski and Brian A. Haugh
Northrop Grumman

Omar Khawaja

Raymond Sheh, Karen Geappen, James Dietman
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
Roy Sugimura
Sapphire Innovative Solutions Inc
Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) (Attach 1)
The App Association (ACT)
The Center for Inclusive Change (Attach A) (Attach B) (Attach C)
TIC Council Americas
UC Berkeley
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Technology Engagement Center (C_TEC)
University of South Carolina (USC)
Visa Inc.


Created November 8, 2022, Updated December 1, 2022