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NIST AI RMF Playbook

NIST is releasing an initial draft of a Playbook as a companion to the  AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) and would value your feedback about the approach and content. The Playbook provides recommended actions Framework users could take to incorporate trustworthiness considerations in the design, development, deployment, and use of AI systems.

The current draft Playbook is based on the second draft of the AI RMF (released on August 18, 2022).  It includes suggested actions, references and supplementary guidance to achieve the outcomes for “Govern” and “Map”  – two of the four proposed functions in the AI RMF. Draft material for the other two functions, Measure and Manage, will be released at a later date. 

The AI RMF and the Playbook are intended for voluntary use and this information is offered strictly as suggestions. Organizations can utilize this information according to their needs and interests.

This draft is being released to allow interested parties the opportunity to comment (see below) and contribute to the eventual first version, to be released in January 2023. The NIST AI RMF Playbook is an online resource, and will be hosted temporarily on GitHub Pages.

View the AI RMF Playbook

Recommendations for Reviewing the AI RMF Playbook

The video (below and here) provides background and instructions on how to access and use the draft Playbook. 

Individuals are encouraged to comment on:

  1. Its relative usefulness as a complementary resource to the AI RMF.
  2. Whether the guidance is actionable to meet each of the AI RMF functions, especially as related to organization size.
  3. Suggested presentation alternatives for the forthcoming first online version to improve usability and effectiveness.

Feedback may be provided either as comments or as specific line-edit additions or modifications. NIST welcomes suggestions about including references to existing resources or new resources to help users of the AI RMF. Comments can be suggested for the Playbook at any time and will be reviewed and integrated on a semi-annual basis. NIST is requesting a first round of comments via email to aiframework [at] by September 29, 2022. Comments also will be welcomed during discussions at a third AI RMF workshop on October 18-19, 2022, and beyond.

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AI Risk Management Framework Playbook
AI Risk Management Framework Playbook


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Created July 8, 2022, Updated September 2, 2022