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AI Risk Management Framework - Engage

NIST has developed the voluntary AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) through a consensus-driven, open, transparent, and collaborative process. From the start of this initiative, NIST has been offering those with a broad range of experience, expertise, and interests the opportunity to take part in workshops, respond to a Request for Information (RFI), review draft reports and other documents including draft approaches and versions of the framework, and other ways to provide input.

NIST also has reached out directly to AI practitioners along with others across a full spectrum of interests domestically and internationally. This includes those from companies, government agencies, academia, and not-for-profit organizations representing civil society, consumers, and industry. NIST has actively encouraged direct input either formally or informally, and many organizations and individuals have contributed their insights to NIST, which has considered all suggestions.

The extensive response has helped to shape NIST’s work on the AI RMF and the companion AI RMF Playbook each step of the way. NIST will continue to foster extensive and meaningful engagement even after NIST released AI RMF 1.0 on January 26, 2023. That engagement will progress as organizations and individuals gain experience with the Framework and provide NIST with feedback so that it can produce and adjust complementary guidance for using the AI RMF. Those inputs will assist NIST with the eventual revision to the Framework after the community gains several years of experience putting the AI RMF to use and additional research is conducted to advance the field.

NIST also welcomes comments on the AI RMF Roadmap and AI RMF Crosswalks.

To stay up to date, sign up to receive email notifications about NIST’s AI activities here or contact us at: AIframework [at] (AIframework[at]nist[dot]gov)

Also, see information about how to engage in NIST’s broader AI activities.

AI RMF Engagement Timeline: starts with January 2021 request for information and covers different dates of activities until the January 2023 release of the AI Risk Management Framework
Created July 13, 2021, Updated January 2, 2024