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3.1 Open An Account


3.1      Open An Account

Actors:  unidentified-user, cloud-subscriber, payment-broker, cloud-provider.

Goals:  Cloud-provider opens a new account for an unidentified-user who then becomes a cloud-subscriber.

Assumptions: A cloud-provider's account creation web page describes the service offered and the payment mechanisms. An unidentified-user can access the cloud-provider's account creation web page.

Success Scenario:  (open, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS): An unidentified-user accesses a cloud-provider's account creation web page.  The unidentified-user provides: (1) a unique name for the new account; (2) information about the unidentified-user's financial; and (3) when the unidentified-user wants the account opened.  The cloud-provider verifies the unidentified-user's financial information; if the information is deemed valid by cloud-provider, the unidentified-user becomes a cloud-subscriber and the cloud-provider returns authentication information that the cloud-subscriber can subsequently use to access the service.

Failure Conditions:  (1) the unidentified-user does not provide a suitable name; (2) the financial information is not valid; (3) cloud-provider fails to notify the cloud-subscriber the account is open.

Failure Handling: For (1) and (2), new account is not created; For (3) See Use Case 3.2 below on failure handling related to notifications from cloud-provider to cloud-subscriber.

Requirements File:

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Created November 1, 2010, Updated June 2, 2021