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Validation for Downstream Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Coordinate Metrology Processes


The Validation for Downstream Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Coordinate Metrology Processes project is studying the development of algorithms to allow validation of downstream computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and coordinate metrology data relative to its source computer-aided design (CAD) content. Work is also being conducted to analyze STEP AP242 and Quality Information Framework (QIF) differences as a pre-harmonization activity. A goal of the project is to better understand geometry-related and PMI-related producability and measurability process requirements and to refine existing validation algorithms and processes to support the requirements. Finally, the project will test the refined validation algorithms on a number of downstream test case models in advance of development of formal test cases and test model suites.

Validating downstream CAM and CMM processes

This project is a collaborative effort by a team comprised of NIST, ITI TranscenData, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technology, Sigmetrix, and Mitutoyo America Corp.

Created August 29, 2016, Updated December 2, 2019