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Tolerancing Standards and Associated Modeling Challenges

The Tolerancing Standards and Associated Modeling Challenges project investigates the meaning (semantics) of current and emerging tolerancing standards and how these specifications constrain the selection and use of metrology systems. Geometric tolerancing is the primary means used by a designer to capture the allowable variation in component geometry. The meaning of existing tolerancing syntax will be refined and additional new symbols and associated semantics will be introduced in working groups within ISO Technical Committee 213. The study will utilize the existing and emerging data interchange standards for design and metrology information (DMIS and QIF) to develop standards and tools that capture metrology capability in a manner that can be encoded in a standardized format and used to support design, manufacturing, and metrology activities.

This project is a collaborative effort by a team comprised of NIST and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Created August 29, 2016, Updated April 12, 2022