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Relevant Webpages

Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing Program (MSAM)
The objective of the MSAM program is to develop and deploy measurement science that will enable rapid design-to-product transformation through advances in: material characterization; in-process process sensing, monitoring, and model-based optimal control; performance qualification of materials, processes and parts; and end-to-end digital implementation of metal Additive Manufacturing processes and systems. Please check-out the other great research activities in the program.

Additive Manufacturing Benchmark Series (AM-Bench)
AM-Bench is a continuing series of controlled benchmark tests, in conjunction with a conference series, to allow modelers to test their simulations against AM test data, and to encourage AM practitioners to develop novel mitigation strategies for challenging build scenarios. The LPBF Thermography system is used to provide data for the AM-Bench and many of the experiments are used to help develop the benchmark tests.

Additive Manufacturing Metrology Testbed (AMMT)
The AMMT is a LPBF metrology tool built from the ground-up by NIST researchers. This system provides complete control of the LPBF process and allows the implementation of measurements tools that cannot be incorporated into commercial systems. The complete control of the process and metrology capabilities allows melt-pool scale measurements to be acquired during single-track, single-layer, and 3D part builds that are not possible in the commercial LPBF thermography system.


Created September 21, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019