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Waste Clean Up 5

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Waste Pit Clean-Up

The following concept drawings show deployment and clean-up activities of robot arms into a nuclear contaminated pit at the opening of waste storage tank C-106 at Hanford, Washington.  The arms are suspended using RoboCrane cable configurations and controlled by remote operators located at a safe distance from the tank pit.

1 2 3

4 5 6

Figures 1 shows two workers and a supervisor controlling and monitoring two robot arm and RoboCrane platforms, (2) overhead view of the system, (3) a larger support system than that shown in (1), (4) a robot arm and a barrel suspended by RoboCrane platforms, (5) system stowed position for an external crane to remove the pit covers, (6) top view of system in the stowed positions awaiting an external crane to remove the pit covers.

Created August 26, 2011, Updated January 5, 2017