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Undersea Configurations

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Undersea Configuration

(click on the photo to enlarge the image)

Cora B model suspended from 6m  One of three suspended cable nodes on the Cora B Ship supported RoboCrane System Graphic  Ship Supported RoboCrane system graphic 2 Ship supported RoboCrane system graphic 3 Ship Supported RoboCrane system graphic 4 


Undersea Configuration Patent Information

General Information:

A U.S. patent was issued for a ship-mounted "support system for supporting an underwater work platform" depicted in the above drawings and photo's. This patent is called, "Underwater Work Platform Support System" (#5,507,596) and was invented by Roger Bostelman (NIST), James Albus (NIST), and Andrew Watt (formerly of Subsea International). The patent was filed October 15, 1993 and was issued April 16, 1996.

Patent Abstract:

A support system for supporting an underwater work platform includes a work platform submerged in a body of water and a support structure supported by the body of water above the platform. The work platform is supported by a plurality of cables connected between the support structure and the work platform. Motions of the support structure in the body of water are sensed, and the length of the cables is adjusted in response to the sensed motions of the support structure so that the work platform can be maintained stationary even when the support structure is subjected to wave forces and currents. (46 claims, 6 drawings sheets).

NOTE: License applications for NIST patents are considered by the Office of Technology Partnerships

Created August 3, 2011, Updated January 4, 2024