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RoboCupRescue League: Japan Pictures 2005

World Championship
and Symposium


RoboCupRescue Osaka Logo 2005

FTP Archive

Many pictures and videos of robot arenas and teams are available for download from


Figure1 Overview of Arena 2005

An overview of the RoboCupRescue Robot League arenas, teams, and robots.

Figure2 Arena-Details 2005

The RoboCupRescue Robot League arenas in Osaka, Japan. After the competition, elements of these arenas were distributed among robotics laboratories in Sendai, Yokohama, and Kawasaki, Japan.

Figure3 Step-Field-Detail 2005

Recently developed random step fields were used within the arenas to provide well-defined mobility challenges. And as always, simulated victims emitting various signs of life (human form, heat, sound, motion, and/or CO2) provided the incentive for robots to search the arenas in their entirety.

Figure4 Place-Awardees 2005

The top three Place Awards went to capable mobility platforms deploying state-of-the-art sensors for mapping along with effective operator interfaces.

Figure5 Best-in-Class-Awardees 2005

The Best-In-Class Award winners.

Figure6 Innovation-Award 2005

The Innovation Award winners.

Figure7 Other-Interesting 2005

Other interesting robots showed the variety of approaches being considered for urban search and rescue application.

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