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Now Hiring a Wireless Engineer

Entry- to Mid-Level Full-time, Permanent
ZP-0850-III, Electrical Engineer or ZP-0854-III, Computer Engineer or ZP-0855-III, Electronics Engineer
Salary Range: $63,722 - $99,296
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
U.S. Citizenship is required

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, Engineering Laboratory, Intelligent Systems Division anticipates the need for an engineering professional to contribute to research work in the area of industrial wireless networks as they pertain to industrial control systems and the "Internet of Things." The candidate will support the long-term mission of advancing smart manufacturing in the US by encouraging the use of wireless technologies in industry through measurement-based research and demonstration by implementing components of a measurement science framework for characterizing the performance of industrial wireless sensor network technologies in automation environments. Key focus areas include advanced robotic assembly and control of continuous processes.

This project is in its early stages. We have a diverse team of scientists and engineers with expertise in RF measurement, advanced networking, and automation. Candidates will have an opportunity to make a lasting impact to the measurement of wireless sensor network performance on physical systems for both NIST and industry.

This position will involve the following duties:

  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Analyzing wireless sensor network technologies and protocols such as those based on 802.11 (Wi-Fi), 802.15.4 (ZigBee, WirelessHART, ISA100.11a), and RFID
  • Hands-On Integration: Implementing integrated software systems used for measuring performance of wireless sensors networks in industrial environments such manufacturing systems used for aerospace, automotive, and continuous process control
  • RF Analysis: Integrating RF channel emulation with real-world wireless devices
  • Measurements: Supporting field measurement efforts of industrial RF environments
  • Configuring and programming of RF test equipment; developing CAD models of industrial spaces and producing RF heat maps to inform test scenarios; conducting experiments
  • Test Standardization: Providing technical foundations for wireless standardization and industry guidance
  • Industry Tools: Developing tools to verify performance and conformance to standards
  • Data Analysis: Implementing software-based interpretation of measured data; providing technical support for public outreach
  • Data Interpretation: Providing technical data for and supporting the writing of conference and journal articles
  • Communication: Delivering presentations to industry and academia regarding technical contributions.

More information about our project can be found at

This position is a hands-on research engineering position. Candidates will be expected to perform laboratory activities which include designing and constructing experimental frameworks/testbeds that represent real-world automation environments. The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in computer programming languages including C/C++ and Python to meet the technical demands of the position.

How to Apply

Minimum Qualifications for the position may be found online at

When a position is available, a vacancy announcement will be posted on WWW.USAJOBS.GOV. However, all interested parties are strongly encouraged to contact our project leader, Mr. Rick Candell, by email rick.candell [at] (rick[dot]candell[at]nist[dot]gov) with a copy of their resume for more information prior to agency announcement. The Department of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


NIST offers a generous benefits package to employees which include health, dental, retirement, and educational benefits. Please refer to our benefits page for more information.


Desired Skills include:

  • Software: Proficiency in one or more software languages such as Python, C, C++, MATLAB, or LabView
  • Hardware: Some experience and desire working with electronics
  • Communications: Demonstrated ability to report findings to others through writing and presentations. A sample of original writing is required to be considered. This can be a design report, thesis, or other form of technical communication.

Candidate should have an interest in learning the fundamentals of radio frequency (RF) propagation and RF testing strategies.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, software programming, industrial automation, robotics, control systems, PLC, radio frequency, research

Created August 31, 2015, Updated September 21, 2016