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Mobile Manipulator Performance Measurement Data (2017)

 Mobile Manipulator

An advanced approach to flexible manufacturing is to move robotic manipulators, using an AGV or mobile robot, called mobile manipulators, between workstations. Mobile manipulator performance test methods have lagged behind safety test methods. Prior to industrial acceptance and standards development for mobile manipulators, users of these new systems will expect manufacturers to provide real performance data to guide their procurement and assure suitability for given application tasks.   A test method that uses an artifact, called the Reconfigurable Mobile Manipulator Artifact (RMMA), is described in “Mobile Manipulator Performance Measurement Data” and compared to an optical tracking system that was used as ground truth for the RMMA and mobile manipulator.  Measurement data of an AGV, an onboard robot arm, and an optical tracking system were recorded and are described in the paper and are available for download using the link below. The data needed to make these three measurements was collected during two tests; both tests have corresponding timestamps relative to global positioning system (GPS) time, where the computer clocks are synchronized using the Network Time Protocol. It is expected that the user of the information within the paper and the data files will have sufficient knowledge to implement mobile manipulation testing and evaluation.

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Created March 27, 2024, Updated April 2, 2024