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Test Facility

The NIST mobility lab has an Optical Tracking System (OTS) used as a ground truth measurement reference. The OTS consists of twenty 4.1 megapixel cameras that can operate at up to 180 frames per second. The measurement uncertainty of the OTS rigid body tracking was evaluated by NIST using ASTM test method E3064-16. The measurement uncertainty was found to be 0.022 mm (positional) and 0.00040143 rad (angular) for stationary rigid bodies and 0.26 mm (positional) and 0.017453 rad (angular) for rigid bodies in motion.

NIST mobility lab

The mobility lab is currently used for the following NIST projects:

  • Performance Measurement of Mobile Manipulators 
  • Performance Measurement of Industrial Automated – Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs) 
  • Performance Measurement of Perception Systems for Automated Vehicles (Part of the NIST Automated Vehicles Program)
Created March 27, 2024, Updated April 1, 2024