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International Workshop on the Use of Robotic Technologies at Nuclear Facilities Presentations: Session 3

Session 3 Presentations:

Industry and Government Experiences in Applying Robotic Technologies to Existing Challenges
Co-Chairs: Rob Buckingham, UKAEA/RACE and Joan Knight, Exelon Generation

Use of Robotics and Remote Monitoring Equipment for Reducing Dose and Risk Associated with Radiological Work at Ontario Power Generation
Joe Zic, Ontario Power Generation

DOE National Laboratory Robotic System Applications for Nuclear Facilities Operations and Legacy Cleanup
Steven Tibrea, Savannah River National Laboratory

Experience in Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants in Germany
Kenji Hara, Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH

Robotic Handling of Legacy Nuclear Waste: BEP
Stephen Shackleford, UK National Nuclear Laboratory

The Use of Robotics at CANDU Power Plants
Jacqueline McGovern, Kinectrics Inc

Use of Robotics for Dose Reduction and Efficiency Gains at U.S. Commercial Nuclear Facilities
Daren Cato, Duke Energy and Joan Knight, Exelon Generation

Panel 3 Questions

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Created August 24, 2016, Updated January 5, 2017