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DMIS Test Suite

DMIS Test Suite

The is designed to help users and vendors use version 5.2 of the Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS) and to support DMIS conformance testing. As compared with version 2.1.5 of the Test Suite (which was for DMIS 5.1), the following improvements have been made.

  • All 98,305 conformance classes defined by standard conformance modules are handled, versus 4 conformance classes in version 2.1.5.
  • A utility that generates parser test files for any conformance class defined by standard conformance modules has been added.
  • Flagging statements required for metrology functionality has been added.
  • A conformance tester/recorder that determines the conformance class of any DMIS input file has been added.
  • Reporting on uses of FEAT and TOL statements has been itemized (57 separate reports versus 2 in version 2.1.5).
  • The naming of C++ classes and their attributes has been improved.
  • A maintainers manual has been added.

The test suite includes:

  • users manual
  • system builders manual
  • maintainers manual
  • five utilities for each of three operating systems: Windows, linux, and SunOS
    • dmisParser
    • dmisConformanceChecker
    • dmisConformanceTester
    • dmisConformanceRecorder
    • dmisTestFileReductor
  • test files for DMIS parsers
  • test files for DMIS execution systems
  • tutorial programs
  • source code for every executable
  • test scripts for testing the utilities
  • C++ source code from which DMIS parsers may be built
  • YACC and lex code from which C++ source code for DMIS parsers may be built
  • a generator that writes C++, YACC, and lex code
  • DEBNF files (which define DMIS grammar and syntax)
Created January 12, 2017