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Disaster City Expected Participants

Expected Participants

FEMA Task Force:









PA City of Allentown

Bomb Squads:

EOD - CA Sacramento

EOD - TX Dallas

EOD - IN Ft. Wayne

EOD - WA Seattle

EOD - MN Minneapolis

EOD - DC Metro Transit Auth.

EOD - VA Fairfax Police Dept.

EOD - MD Mont. County

EOD - MI Michigan State Police Bomb Squad

Robot Developers:

 (listed by increasing size) 

ReconRobotics, Inc. (USA): Scout

Tohoku University (Japan): ActiveScopeCamera

Applied Research Associates, Inc. (USA): Pointman

Inuktun-USA (USA): VGTV-Extreme

Qinetiq North America / Foster-Miller Inc. (USA): Dragon Runner SUGV

Inuktun (USA): Versatrax 

International Rescue Systems Institute (Japan): Souryu IV

Mesa Robotics, Inc. (USA): G2Bot

Mesa Robotics, Inc. (USA): Element

International Rescue Systems Institute (Japan): UMRS 2009

International Rescue Systems Institute (Japan): Kenaf

International Rescue Systems Institute (Japan): Quince

Allen Vanguard Corp. (Canada): Digital Vanguard ROV

Mesa Robotics, Inc. (USA): Matilda II

iRobot Corp.
(USA) PackBot 510 EOD

iRobot Corp.
(USA) PackBot 510 CAM, SAM, EAP

Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan): NuTech-R4

International Rescue Systems Institute (Japan): Helios IX

International Rescue Systems Institute (Japan): KOHGA

Qinetiq North America / Foster-Miller Inc. (USA): Talon GenIV

Qinetiq North America / Foster-Miller Inc. (USA): Talon GenIV Hazmat

Qinetiq North America / Foster-Miller Inc. (USA): Talon GenIV Shoulder

Telerob, GmbH (Germany)

ICOR Technologies (Canada) Caliber MK3 EOD

Northrop Grumman Remotec (USA): Andros HD-1J

Northrop Grumman Remotec (USA): Andros Mini

Segway, Inc. (USA) Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP 400-INL)

The MITRE Corporation (USA) Centaur

AERIALS sUAS VTOL (FAA ARC Group I under 2kg, 30knots, frangible)

AirRobot, GmbH


SeaBotix, Inc. (USA) LBV200L2

SeaBotix, Inc. (USA) LBV150SE-5

Created February 26, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016