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Ways to Contribute
ARIAC and IEEE CASE welcome the participation of all who are interested in Robotics, Simulation, or industrial agility.  Ways to contribute include:

  •     Advising us on related topics
  •     Donating useful equipment
  •     Funding teams to compete
  •     Funding the development of the software

Levels of Contribution
Participation in ARIAC is encouraged on any level and will be officially acknowledged.  Official connections to the competition such as co-host or co-sponsor are loosely outlined below.

Interested in being a Co-Sponsor?
The minimum requirement for being a co-host is to contribute time, money, or resources to the competition.  The amount needed to be considered a co-sponsor will be discussed on a case by case bases. If you are interested in being a co-sponsor, please send an email to ariac [at] (ariac[at]nist[dot]gov).

Created September 16, 2016, Updated January 25, 2018