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The software needed for participating in the conference will be the Gazebo Robot Simulator and the Robot Operating System (ROS).  This software is free but only available on Linux.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re not familiar with Linux.  The easiest option if you don’t have a Linux machine available and don’t want to create a partition for dual booting, is to create an Ubuntu virtual machine.  From there it will take some time to get use to Linux but there are lots of resources and it hopefully will not be a significant barrier to participation. Interested participants are encouraged to start familiarizing themselves with ROS and Gazebo now.

You will participate in ARIAC remotely, using your own computer. We will provide instructions for how to download and install a particular version of the ARIAC software. You'll use our software together with your own code to complete a specified task, and then upload evidence of your work (e.g., data logs). We will accept uploads for approximately 1 month following the release of a new qualifier.

The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) is developing the software for participating teams. You can download and try the software at


Gazebo Robot Simulator

The Gazebo Robot Simulator is a three dimensional physics enabled simulation environment.  Gazebo is managed by the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) in Mountain View California.  ARIAC will supply a downloadable Gazebo simulation environment.  Participants can then test their control and sensor code with this before the competition.

Gazebo logo


Robot Operating System (ROS)

ROS is a framework for robot related software.  It serves as the backbone of communication and control for a robotic system.  ROS like Gazebo is managed by the Open Source Robotics Foundation in Mountain View California.

Robot Operating System (ROS)
Created September 16, 2016, Updated January 29, 2018