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Advantages Over Existing Technology


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Advantages Over Existing Technology

Rigid support/precise maneuverability of large loads
Remote positioning of tools equipment
Executing precise motions with tools and equipment to accomplish complex tasks
High lift-to-weight ratio (dependent upon design)
Resistant to environmental perturbations
Accurate control of loads by a novice operator
Safe since loads are controlled in full 6 Degrees of Freedom

  Control Modes

Joystick input
Preprogrammed trejectory following
Teach programming
Graphical off-line programming
Part programming
Sensor based motion compensation

  Motion Types

Single Joint
Cartesian base frame (default)
Cartesian platform frame
Cartesian offset frame (tool center point)
Constrained motions along vectors
Rotations about vectors
Single axis force control

For more information about RoboCrane, please contact the project manager, roger.bostelman [at] (Roger Bostelman)

Created July 28, 2011, Updated January 5, 2017