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The Intelligent Building Agents (IBA) project is part of the Embedded Intelligence in Buildings Program in the Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). A key part of the IBA Project is the IBA Laboratory (IBAL), a unique facility consisting of a mixed system of off the shelf equipment, including chillers and air handling units, controlled by a data acquisition system and capable of supporting building system optimization research under realistic and reproducible operating conditions.

The database contains the values of approximately 300 sensors/actuators in the IBAL, including both sensor measurements and control actions, as well as approximately 850 process data, which are typically related to control settings and decisions. Each of the sensors/actuators has associated metadata. The metadata, sensors/actuators, and process data are defined on the "metadata", "sensors", and "parameters" tabs in the definitions file. Data are collected every 10 s.

The database contains two dashboards:

  • Experiments - select data from individual experiments
  • Measurements - select individual sensor/actuator and parameter data

The metadata change over time as sensors are added to or removed from the IBAL, or when there are new calibration records. The following is a list of historical metadata files. Each filename ends with a date, such as MetaData_2021_03_23, which is March 23, 2021. The file is valid for the data up to that date.

For an example of how to use this data, see

This is a schematic of the laboratory with sensor locations.



Created July 7, 2021, Updated December 1, 2022