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Each test generates four files: experimentTags.json, raw data (RawData), scaled data (ScaledData), and ProcessData. The experimentTags.json file is generated at the beginning of the experiment and contains high level information about the test:

  • Title: short title describing the experimental run.
  • Run: Integer indicating what number test it is on a given day. For example, the first test of the day is run = 1.
  • Comments: More descriptive explanation about the experiment.
  • Year: current year.
  • Month: current month of the year.
  • Day: current day of the year.
  • start_time: time at which the experiment began in hh:mm:ss.000.

The raw data and scaled data files contain the original raw data and the data after the scaling coefficients have been applied. These files are written to memory every 10 minutes and the name of each individual file contains the date and time at which it was written. For example, RawData2021_06_11T14_30_13.csv is a file containing raw data that was written on 06/11/2021 at 14:30.13.

The process data files have the same date/time naming convention as the raw and scaled data, but contain information that is not related to the sensor and control readings. For example, there are multiple proportional-integral control loops throughout the lab and the process data file contains the information about each loop such as the proportional (kp) and integral (ki) gains.



Created July 7, 2021