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DEIA Strategic Plan Priorities

The FY22-FY24 NIST DEIA Strategic Plan includes a set of four internal-facing priority areas, to include high-impact opportunities across the sphere of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, which are supported by short-term goals for accomplishment within two (2) years, as well as emergent areas of opportunity for long-term planning. These high-impact opportunities were identified based on an analysis of the institute’s current use of promising practices as part of the NIST DEIA Survey and Self-Assessment, which included several sources, such as but not limited to the Management Directive (MD) 715, Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program Report, FEVS, as well as findings from NIST-sponsored DEIA-related studies. 

While the FY22-FY24 NIST DEIA Strategic Plan  includes an emphasis on internal priority areas that are in direct support of Executive Order (EO) 14035, it also infuses other DEIA-related orders and memorandums in support of the Biden-Harris Management Agenda, to include an external-facing priority area to drive inclusive economy through external-facing equitable service delivery as part of EO 13985 on “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government."


NIST will drive innovation and industrial competitiveness through measurement science and standards by cultivating a culture of belonging that integrates diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all ways of working.


NIST will improve the quality of life by drawing from all segments of society as it positions itself as a model institute that values and champions diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Priority Areas

Blue circle. Inside: Globe surrounded by circles that represent people
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST


Focuses on institutionalizing DEIA at NIST by establishing a sustainable DEIA infrastructure, accountability mechanisms, supporting employee groups, and advancing human resources policies and practices

Teal circle with old-fashioned scale inside
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST


Focuses on enhancing recruitment and representation, as well as pay, performance, promotion, and personnel policies and practices

Green circle with three hands inside
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST


Focuses on creating a learning culture, addressing representation in internal and external facing bodies and spaces, and creating a sense of belonging for employees and associates

Yellow circle with two buildings (home, office)
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST


Focuses on ensuring our work environments and workplaces are welcoming and allow everyone access

Orange circle with globe inside and floating around the globe is a dollar sign and a gear
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST

Inclusive Economy

Focuses on equitable service delivery for underserved customers and the vendor community


Created September 6, 2022, Updated October 31, 2022