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February 2020 VCAT Meeting Agenda

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Portrait Room, Administration Building,
Gaithersburg, MD

February 12 - 13, 2020

February 12, 2020

Session I: NIST Update

8:30 am

Call to Order and Introductions
Dr. Allen Adler - Acting Chair, VCAT

8:35 am

VCAT Elections

8:45 am

Review Material Presented at the non-Quorum Portion of the October Meeting and Vote to Include in Annual Report
Dr. Jason Boehm – Director NIST Program Coordination Office

9:05 am

NIST Update and Agenda Review
Dr. Walter Copan - Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director

9:45 am   


10:00 am

NIST Safety Update
Dr. Elizabeth Mackey – Chief Safety Officer and Director of the Office of Safety, Health and Environment

10:15 am


10:20 am


Session II: NIST Budget Update 2020 Enacted and 2021 Request

10:35 am

Overview of 2020 Enacted Budget and President’s FY2021 Request
Dr. Jason Boehm – Director NIST Program Coordination Office

11:05 am


Session III:  NIST Facilities Priorities

11:15 am

NIST Facilities Master Plan and Update on Ongoing Projects
Mr. Robert “Skip” Vaughn – Director Office of Facilities and Plant Management

11:45 am


12:00 pm


Session IV:  NIST Programmatic Priorities

1:00 pm

Priorities for the ADLP and the NIST Laboratory Programs
Dr. James Olthoff – Associate Director for Laboratory Programs

1:10 pm


1:20 pm

Quantum Update (QED-C, Standards, and Future Plans)
Dr. James Kushmerick –Director Physical Measurement Laboratory 

1:35 pm

Artificial Intelligence Update (Overview of future plans)
Dr. Charles (Chuck) Romine – Director NIST Information Technology Laboratory

1:50 pm

Internet of Things (Future Plans)
Dr. Marla Dowell - Director NIST Communications Technology Laboratory

2:05 pm

NIST and the Bioeconomy (Future Plans)
Dr. Eric Lin – Director Material Measurement Laboratory

2:20 pm

Discussion with VCAT

2:40 pm


2:55 pm

Priorities for the ADIIS Programs
Dr. Phillip Singerman – Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services

3:15 pm


3:25 pm

Manufacturing USA – Current Status and Future Plans
Mr. Mike Molnar – Director Office of Advanced Manufacturing

3:40 pm


3:50 pm

Manufacturing Extension Partnership – Priorities for the Coming Year
Ms. Carroll Thomas – Director Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership

4:05 pm 


Session V:   Efforts to Strengthen the NIST Environment

4:15 pm

Update on NIST Equity Efforts
Dr. Heather Evans – Subcommittee on Safe, Inclusive Research Environments

4:25 pm

Update on Rebranding Efforts
Ms. Gail Porter – Director Public Affairs Office

4:40 pm


4:50 pm 

Wrap-up Discussion and follow on questions

5:00 pm


February 13, 2020

Session VI:  VCAT Working Session

8:30 am

Call to Order
Dr. Allen Adler - Acting Chair, VCAT

8:35 am

VCAT Working Session -- VCAT will develop recommendations for NIST to be included in the annual report, based on material presented over the course of 2019, and develop plans for coming year’s area of focus.

10:35 am

Public Comment

11:05 am


Created February 3, 2020, Updated September 9, 2021