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CTL Assets

Pathbreaking metrology takes pathbreaking testing tools. NIST has a long track record of inventing hardware and software to help lay the foundations for commercial development of new technologies. The tradition continues with NIST CTL’s support of the wireless industry.

We continue to develop and build an array of one-of-a-kind systems and facilities to help industry develop wireless systems that can handle the complexities of spectrum sharing and public safety communications and the extreme speeds and MIMO antennas of next-generation 5G wireless. Among these assets include:

NIST Antenna and Communication Metrology Lab (ACML)

  •                 Configurable Robotic MilliMeter-Wave Antenna Facility (CROMMA)
  •                 Single-Pixel Touchless Laser Tracker Probe
  •                 mmWave Scattering System for Materials Testing

NIST Broadband Interoperability Test Bed (NBIT)

NIST mmWave Channel Sounder

NIST Real-Time Spectrum Monitoring System

NIST Electro-Optic Sampling System (EOS)

NIST Microwave Uncertainty Framework

Created June 17, 2016, Updated August 25, 2016