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Community Resilience Planning Guide Playbook Templates & Additional Resources

CR Playbook Cover

This Playbook is intended to provide a practical, action-oriented aid to help communities follow the Guide’s six-step process. It can assist communities seeking insights into resilience planning issues and help identify the most effective resilience-improvement projects. It can be used without expert assistance but also offers ways to engage experts in the planning and implementation processes. Every community should be able to benefit from the Guide’s planning process.

The following list of templates are supporting materials to complete the steps and actions listed in the NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide Playbook. The Playbook and Community Resilience Planning Guide can be accessed at the following links:

Step 1: Form a Collaborative Planning Team


Step 2: Understand the Situation


External Resources

Step 3: Determine Goals and Objectives


External Resources

Step 4 - 6: No Templates 

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Example Community Resilience Plans 

Created August 1, 2020, Updated April 3, 2024