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  • January 21:       Asynchronous benchmark challenge problem release (with calibration data       
  • February 4:       Online Q&A webinar for anyone interested in the asynchronous benchmark
  • April 22:            Deadline for asynchronous benchmark challenge problem submissions
  • April 25:            All asynchronous benchmark measurement data released


  • April 22:            AM-Bench 2022 challenge problem release (with calibration data) - 5 sets of metals benchmarks & 2 sets of polymers benchmarks
  • May 5:              Online Q&A webinar for anyone interested in the 5 metals benchmarks
  • May 6:              Online Q&A webinar for anyone interested in the 2 polymers benchmarks
  • July 15:             Deadline for all AM-bench 2022 challenge problem submissions
  • July 18:             All AM-Bench 2022 measurement data released


  • August 15-18:   AM-Bench 2022 Conference, Bethesda, MD, USA


Created March 9, 2020, Updated May 6, 2022