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How To Get Involved

AM-Bench is an international organization that strongly encourages broad participation from industry, academia and national labs from around the world.  We are interested in all aspects of additive manufacturing, including build methods, in situ and ex situ measurements, theory, and modeling for metals, polymers, ceramics, and composite materials.  If you want to become involved, there are several ways this can happen.

Simulation Result Submissions: AM Bench runs a challenge problem series where modelers are asked to submit simulation results that predict AM Bench measurement outcomes before they are released. The last round of challenge problems was completed in 2022 with 138 submissions and many awards. Details about upcoming sets of challenge problems will be released as they become available.

Benchmark Measurements: AM Bench is extremely interested in highly controlled AM build processes and measurement methods that could be used for future benchmarks. Such builds and/or measurements could be incorporated into the large sets of benchmark measurements that occur every three years or could form independent benchmarks that would run asynchronously from this three-year schedule. If you have ideas for suitable builds or measurements, or if you would like to collaborate on future benchmarks, please contact one of the chairs of the current Organizing Committee, Brandon Lane or Lyle Levine.

Scientific Advisory Committee: This committee includes a broad range of AM experts that AM Bench can go to for advice and input. If you would like to join this committee, please contact Lyle Levine.

Organizing Committee: This committee is responsible for organizing the AM Bench Conference and the corresponding round of benchmark tests. If you are interested in hosting a future AM Bench Conference, please contact the chair of the AM Bench Steering Committee, Lyle Levine.

Conference: AM Bench holds a conference every three years, one month after the data primary measurement data release. Abstracts on all aspects of additive manufacturing are welcome.

Created August 2, 2017, Updated March 31, 2023