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Response robots

News and Updates


Projects and Programs

Indoor Localization and Tracking

This web page is simply a pointer to another page that covers the extensive research program in indoor localization and tracking at NIST.

Emergency Response Robots

Emergency responders risk life and limb interacting with known hazards to protect the public and rescue potential victims during disasters. Bomb technicians


A Cybersecurity Testbed for Industrial Control Systems

Richard Candell, Keith A. Stouffer, Dhananjay Anand
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing a cybersecurity testbed for industrial control systems (ICS). The goal of this testbed

Challenges of the Changing Robot Markets

Gurvinder S. Virk, Carol Herman, Roger V. Bostelman, Tamas Haidegger
Service robots are becoming an integrated part of daily life, entering even the most complex scenarios, yet at a slower pace than previously anticipated. This

Tools and Instruments

Robotics Test Facility

Located on the NIST Gaithersburg campus, the Robotics Test Facility – also known as Building 207 – is a laboratory for developing standard test methods of

Manufacturing Robotics Testbed

The NIST manufacturing robotics test bed consists of several labs located in three buildings on the main NIST campus. Combined, these serve as a resource for