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Smart Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for the NIST Research Environment



Richard S. Gates, Mark McLean, William A. Osborn


Laboratory notebooks have been a staple of scientific research for centuries for organizing and documenting ideas and experiments. Modern laboratories are more and more reliant on electronic data collection and analysis so it seems inevitable that the digital revolution should come to the ordinary laboratory notebook. The most important aspect of this transition is to make the shift as comfortable and intuitive as possible so that the creative process that is the hallmark of scientific investigation and engineering achievement is maintained, and ideally enhanced. The smart electronic laboratory notebooks described in this paper represent a paradigm shift from the old pen and paper style notebooks and provide a host of powerful operational and documentation capabilities in an intuitive format that is available anywhere at any time.
Journal of Research (NIST JRES) -
Created December 2, 2015, Updated November 14, 2018