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Economic Evaluation Engine (E3) Technical Manual

January 18, 2024
Joshua D. Kneifel, David Webb, Luke Donmoyer
The Engineering Laboratory (EL) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a variety of tools that provide some level of economic analysis, many of which have been developed by EL's Applied Economics Office (AEO). AEO

Associating Disaster Deaths with Risk Profiles

September 28, 2020
Stanley W. Gilbert, Jennifer F. Helgeson, David H. Webb, Juan F. Fung, Anand M. Kandaswamy
In this paper we set out to identify which “risk profiles” contribute most to deaths in disasters. A risk profile represents an identifiable group of people who would be at risk of death in a disaster through some mechanism. Four risk profiles were

The Economics of Firefighter Injuries in the United States

December 11, 2019
David T. Butry, David H. Webb, Stanley W. Gilbert, Jennifer Taylor
This report identifies, summarizes, and evaluates the available data and the literature describing the economic costs associated with non-fatal firefighter injuries, illnesses, health exposures, and occupational disease (‘health outcomes’) resulting from

Quantifying Macroeconomic Resilience Dividends in Cedar Rapids

July 17, 2019
Juan F. Fung, Jennifer F. Helgeson, Cheyney M. O'Fallon, David H. Webb, Harvey Cutler
Cedar Rapids, Iowa offers a unique case study in planning for increased resilience. In 2008, Cedar Rapids experienced severe flooding. Rather than simply rebuilding, the city of Cedar Rapids is investing in a resilient flood control system, as well as in

A Computable General Equilibrium Model of Cedar Rapids

September 27, 2018
Jennifer Helgeson, Juan Fung, Cheyney O'Fallon, David Webb, Harvey Cutler
This report presents the development of a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model for the regional economy of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The general approach that this case study takes is outlined in Helgeson et al. [1] as a method to quantify the net co

The Economic Decision Guide Software (EDGeS) Tool: User Guidance

November 20, 2017
Jennifer F. Helgeson, Shannon A. Grubb, David H. Webb
The EDGeS (Economic Decision Guide Software) Tool version 1.0 implements a rational, systemic methodology for selecting cost-effective community resilience alternative strategies. The methodology is based on guidance provided in the NIST “Community

The Costs and Losses of Wildfires

November 2, 2017
Douglas S. Thomas, David T. Butry, Stanley W. Gilbert, David H. Webb, Juan F. Fung
This report enumerates all possible costs of wildfire management and wildfire-related losses. It, further, compiles estimates or proposes methods for estimating the costs and losses identified. These estimates can be used for C+NVC modeling, and can also

A Literature Review of Disaster-Induced Business Interruption and an Exploratory Analysis of the Effects of the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season on Florida Establishments at the Zip Code Level

November 15, 2016
David H. Webb, Stanley W. Gilbert
As an exploratory analysis, demographic data from the 2000 Census and 2011 American Community Survey at the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code level are used in conjunction with damage estimates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to model