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Certification of Standard Reference Material(R) 1936 Great Lakes Sediment

September 23, 2021
Jacqueline Bangma, Debra Ellisor, Michael Ellisor, N. Alan Heckert, Jennifer Hoguet, Kevin Huncik, Jennifer Ness, Jessica Reiner
Standard Reference Material (SRM) 1936 Great Lakes Sediment is intended for 1) use in validating calibration and validation materials for sediment analysis methods and 2) value assigning in house produced control materials analyzed using those methods. A

Analysis of Seafood Reference Materials: RM 8256, RM 8257, RM 8258 and RM 8259

August 30, 2021
Debra Ellisor, Benjamin Place, Melissa M. Phillips, James H. Yen
NIST Reference Material (RM) 8256 Wild-caught Coho Salmon, RM 8257 Aquacultured Coho Salmon, RM 8258 Wild-caught Shrimp and RM 8259 Aquacultured Shrimp were generated for use in authentication, nutrition and food safety-related determinations of crude fat

The San Francisco Estuary Institute Collection at the NIST Biorepository

April 28, 2021
Debra Ellisor, Rebecca Pugh, Nina Buzby, Michael Weaver, Melissa Foley
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been collaborating with the San Francisco Bay Estuary Institute (SFEI) since 2009, providing biobanking services at the NIST Biorepository in Charleston, South Carolina in support of their

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for the Palla VM-KT Vibrating Cryomill: Production of Fresh Frozen Standard Reference and Control Materials (SRMs/CMs) at the NIST Reference Material Production Facility

August 11, 2016
Amanda J. Moors, Rebecca S. Pugh, Jody R. Evans, Jennifer M. Ness, Debra L. Ellisor, Melannie J. Bachman
The NIST Reference Materials Production (RMP) Facility at the Hollings Marine Laboratory produces fresh, frozen powder materials which are used as Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and Control Materials (CMs) from frozen biological, environmental