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Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for the Palla VM-KT Vibrating Cryomill: Production of Fresh Frozen Standard Reference and Control Materials (SRMs/CMs) at the NIST Reference Material Production Facility



Amanda J. Moors, Rebecca S. Pugh, Jody R. Evans, Jennifer M. Ness, Debra L. Ellisor, Melannie J. Bachman


The NIST Reference Materials Production (RMP) Facility at the Hollings Marine Laboratory produces fresh, frozen powder materials which are used as Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and Control Materials (CMs) from frozen biological, environmental, geological, or food related materials. These are analyzed by NIST researchers to provide certified/reference values for various types of analytical analyses (i.e. environmental contaminants, nutrient values, etc.). This facility consists of an ISO Class 7 clean room space and the Palla VM-KT Vibrating Cryomill required for producing fresh-frozen cryohomogenized materials. Described below are the procedures used to produce the fresh, frozen powder material for SRMs/CMs using the Palla VM-KT Vibrating Cryomill.
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1196
Report Number


cryomill, Marine ESB, SRM, standard reference material
Created August 11, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018