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A Framework to Evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness of Recovery-Based Design

May 24, 2022
Juan Fung, Yating Zhang, Katherine Johnson, Dustin Cook, Siamak Sattar
Modern building codes and standards are generally focused on safeguarding public health and safety by ensuring buildings meet life safety performance objectives following an earthquake event. Certain classes of buildings, such as hospitals and schools, may

Lessons on Return to Function After the 2018 Cook Inlet Earthquake

September 30, 2021
Katherine Johnson, Siamak Sattar, Christopher Segura, Steven McCabe
The magnitude 7.1 Cook Inlet Earthquake of November 2018 greatly affected Anchorage, AK area residents. Although shaking likely did not exceed the hazard level for which most newer buildings are designed, disruption to normal operations was significant due

The Total Costs of Seismic Retrofits: State of the Art

May 7, 2021
Juan Fung, David Butry, Siamak Sattar, Steven McCabe
This article presents the current state-of-practice with respect to quantifying the total cost to retrofit an existing building. In particular, we combine quantitative, qualitative, and heuristic data to provide a taxonomy for understanding the direct and

Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Seismic Retrofit Costs

September 23, 2020
Juan F. Fung, Siamak Sattar, David Butry, Steven L. McCabe
Aging building clusters all around the world, especially in high seismic regions, will require a retrofit approach to improve the resilience of the built environment. One of the main challenges of retrofitting existing buildings is the associated cost

A Predictive Modeling Approach to Estimating Seismic Retrofit Costs

February 20, 2020
Juan F. Fung, Siamak Sattar, David T. Butry, Steven L. McCabe
This paper presents a methodology for estimating seismic retrofit costs from historical data. In particular, historical retrofit cost data from FEMA 156 is used to build a predictive model to estimate retrofit costs as a function of building

Social and Economic Components of Resilient Multi-Hazard Building Design

October 3, 2019
Katherine Johnson, Juan Fung, Siamak Sattar, Christopher Segura, Therese P. McAllister, Steven McCabe
In 2017, U.S. damages from natural hazard events exceeded $300B, suggesting that current targets for building performance do not sufficiently mitigate loss. The significant costs borne by individuals, insurers, and government do not include impacts from

Building Design Considerations to Support Immediate Occupancy Performance Objectives

June 16, 2019
Siamak Sattar, Christopher Segura, Katherine Johnson, Therese P. McAllister, Steven McCabe
The intent of current building codes for typical commercial and residential buildings is to safeguard against loss of life to building occupants by minimizing the probability of structural collapse during natural hazard events. However, current codes do