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Multidisciplinary Research to Advance the Development of Functional Recovery for Community Resilience



Juan Fung, Yating Zhang, Dustin Cook, Siamak Sattar, Katherine Johnson


This article reviews current research and development efforts to advance the science supporting post-earthquake recovery-based performance objectives for buildings and critical lifelines in the United States. In particular, the article highlights advances in engineering design research to inform the development of guidelines, codes, and standards for functional recovery. The article provides a social science perspective focused on the potential stakeholders involved in the development of functional recovery design criteria and the link between asset-level design standards and community-level resilience to disasters. We frame stakeholder perspectives within two distinct but interdependent stages developing design standards: formulation and implementation. We propose a market-based stakeholder analysis that considers the role of each stakeholder in supporting each of the stages: market maker, supply side, and demand side. Within this framing we make two recommendations to support the development of recovery-based design standards: (1) economic evaluation should be conducted in conjunction with engineering design; and (2) efforts at the formulation stage should be forward looking to the implementation stage. Finally, we discuss challenges for implementation (defining critical functions, equity, and monitoring and enforcement) and open questions for the future of functional recovery.
Disaster Prevention and Resilience


functional recovery, community resilience, codes and standards, social science


Fung, J. , Zhang, Y. , Cook, D. , Sattar, S. and Johnson, K. (2023), Multidisciplinary Research to Advance the Development of Functional Recovery for Community Resilience, Disaster Prevention and Resilience, [online],, (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created July 27, 2023, Updated September 27, 2023