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Optical Atomic Clock aboard an Earth-orbiting Space Station (OACESS): Enhancing searches for physics beyond the standard model in space

November 18, 2022
Vladimir Schkolnik, Dmitry Budker, Oliver Farttman, Victor Flambaum, Leo Hollberg, Tigran Kalaydzhyan, Shimon Kolkowitz, Markus Krutzik, Andrew Ludlow, Nathan R. Newbury, Christopher Pyrlik, Laura Sinclair, Yevgeny Stadnik, Ingmari Tietje, Jun Ye, Jason Williams
We present a concept for a high-precision optical atomic clock (OAC) operating on an Earth-orbiting space station. This pathfinder science mission will compare the space-based OAC with one or more ultra-stable terrestrial OACs to search for space-time

Pauli blocking of atom-light scattering

November 18, 2021
Christian Sanner, Lindsay Sonderhouse, Ross Hutson, Lingfeng Yan, William Milner, Jun Ye
Transition rates between coupled states in a quantum system depend on the density of available final states. The radiative decay of an excited atomic state has been suppressed by reducing the density of electromagnetic vacuum modes near the atomic

Carrier-Envelope Phase Stabilization of Modelocked Lasers

October 12, 2021
T M. Fortier, D J. Jones, Scott Diddams, John L. Hall, Jun Ye, S T. Cundiff, R S. Windeler
Carrier-envelope phase stabilization of few cycle optical pulses has recently been realized. This advance in femtosecond technology is important in both extreme nonlinear optics and optical frequency metrology. The development of air-silica microstructure

Carrier-Envelope Phase Stabillization of Single and Multiple Femtosecond Lasers

October 12, 2021
D J. Jones, S T. Cundiff, T M. Fortier, J L. Hall, Jun Ye
The basic concepts, technical implementations, and known limitations of actively stabilizing the carrier-envelope phase of a few cycle pulse train are discussed. The route toward determining the absolute carrier-envelope phase, thereby enabling electronic

Carrier-Pulse Envelope Dynamics in Passively Mode-Locked Ti:Sapphire Lasers

October 12, 2021
K W. Holman, R J. Jones, A Marian, S T. Cundiff, Jun Ye
We have performed systematic studies of intensity-related dynamics of the pulse repetition and carrier-envelope offset frequency in passively mode-locked Ti: sapphire lasers. We compare the results between two different repetion frequency laser systems