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The Role of Fluorine Chemistry in Anisotropic Etching of Dielectric Materials

October 12, 2021
B Ji, S A. Motika, P R. Badowski, S Dheandhanoo, C Timmons, D E. Hess, Eric C. Benck, Y Ye
Fluorine-containing compounds have for many years been utilized to etch dielectric materials such as silicon oxide. Maintaining the balance between the removal rate of material from the trench bottom and formation of the protective sidewall film is

Index of refraction of germanium

April 27, 2020
John H. Burnett, Eric C. Benck, Simon G. Kaplan, Erik Stover, Adam Phenis
Measurements of the index of refraction of a sample of high-quality, single-crystal germanium using the minimum deviation refractometry method are presented for temperatures near 22 degC and for wavelengths in the range 2 micron to 14 micron. The standard

Plasma Diagnostic Techniques

February 19, 2017
Eric C. Benck
In order for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) plasma sources to become the next generation lithographic source, significant obstacles still need to be overcome. Improvements in conversion efficiency (CE), plasma stability, and component lifetimes are required

Results from the Magnetic Suspension Mass Comparator for Vacuum-to-Air Mass Dissemination in Support of the Redefinition of the Kilogram

August 1, 2016
Corey A. Stambaugh, Eric C. Benck, Edward C. Mulhern, Patrick J. Abbott, Zeina J. Kubarych
Experiments to realize the new definition of the kilogram will be carried out in vacuum. NIST has developed a magnetic suspension mass comparator to disseminate the new definition to air. This paper details the current status of the system. This includes


September 3, 2015
Corey A. Stambaugh, Edward C. Mulhern, Eric C. Benck, Zeina J. Kubarych, Patrick J. Abbott
The redefined kilogram will be realized in vacuum and a method will be required to disseminate the standard to air. NIST has been developing a magnetic suspension system for this purpose. This paper discusses the progress to characterize and improve the

Real-time measurements of plasma photoresist modifications: The role of plasma vacuum ultraviolet radiation and ions

May 23, 2012
Weilnboeck Florian, Nirav Kumar, Gottlieb Oehrlein, Ting-Ying Chung, D Graves, Mingqi Li, Eric A. Hudson, Eric C. Benck
Plasma-induced roughness development of photoresist (PR) can be due to synergistic interactions of surface modifications introduced by ions, bulk material modifications by ultraviolet (UV)/vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation, and increased temperature

Optical Thermometry of Semiconductor Processing Plasmas

October 16, 2008
Eric C. Benck
Temperatures within semiconductor processing plasmas are important since they control the various reaction rates of the plasma and consequentially can significantly influence the rate and quality of etching or deposition. The nonequilibrium nature of these

Deviations From Equilibrium of Thallium Level Populations in a Metal Halide Arc Lamp

July 1, 2004
D Karahourniotis, John J. Curry, E Drakakis, Eric C. Benck
The excitation equilibrium in a metal halide lamp was studied using a method based on optically thick lines without the assumption of local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE). The lamp has a diameter of 15.4 mm, an electrode gap of 28 mm, and was operated

Continuous-Wave Terahertz Spectroscopy of Plasmas and Biomolecules

March 1, 2004
David F. Plusquellic, T M. Korter, Gerald T. Fraser, R J. Lavrich, Eric C. Benck, C R. Bucher, Angela R. Hight Walker, J L. Domenech
Continuous-wave linear-absorption spectroscopy based on THz radiation generated by solid-state photomixers has been applied to the investigation of the dynamics of biomolecules in polyethylene matrices and to line shape studies of HF for diagnostics of

Submillimeter-Wavelength Plasma Chemical Diagnostics for Semiconductor Manufacturing

September 1, 2003
Eric C. Benck, G Y. Golubiatnikow, Gerald T. Fraser, B Ji, S A. Motika, E J. Karwacki
Submillimeter-wavelength, linear-absorption spectroscopy has been applied to the chemical diagnostics of a reactive-ion etching plasma in a modified capacitively coupled Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC) reactor. Approximately 1 mW of narrow-band (

C 4 F 6 1,3 Hexafluorobutadiene - A New Etching Gas: Studies on Material Compatibility, Behavior in Inductively Coupled Plasma and Etch Processes Performance

June 1, 2003
A Nicoletti, P Srinivasan, M Riva, Eric C. Benck, A N. Goyette, Yicheng Wang, J M. Kim, P Hsieh, A Athayde, Abhay Joshi
Hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene (C 4F 6) is a relatively new etch gas for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, especially in critical etch processes that need high aspect ratios and selectivity. It is able to combine very high performance with a benign