Results from the Magnetic Suspension Mass Comparator for Vacuum-to-Air Mass Dissemination in Support of the Redefinition of the Kilogram

Published: August 01, 2016


Corey A. Stambaugh, Eric C. Benck, Edward C. Mulhern, Patrick J. Abbott, Zeina J. Kubarych


Experiments to realize the new definition of the kilogram will be carried out in vacuum. NIST has developed a magnetic suspension mass comparator to disseminate the new definition to air. This paper details the current status of the system. This includes results from recent work to characterize and improve the performance of the magnetic suspension portion of the system. A general overview of the system, as well as key results are given.
Conference Dates: July 10-15, 2016
Conference Location: Ottawa, -1
Conference Title: Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM) 2016
Pub Type: Conferences


metrology, magnetic levitation, electromagnetic modeling, calibration, and interferometry
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