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Design, Developments, and Results from the NIST Additive Manufacturing Metrology Testbed (AMMT)

Brandon M. Lane, Sergey Mekhontsev, Steven E. Grantham, Mihaela Vlasea, Justin G. Whiting, Ho Yeung, Jason C. Fox, Clarence J. Zarobila, Jorge E. Neira, Michael L. McGlauflin, Leonard M. Hanssen, Shawn P. Moylan, M A. Donmez, Joseph P. Rice
NIST is developing a facility titled the Additive Manufacturing Metrology Testbed that will enable advanced research into monitoring, controls, process

Digital Phantoms Generated by Spectral and Spatial Light Modulators

Bonghwan Chon, Fuyuki Tokumasu, Ji Y. Lee, David W. Allen, Joseph P. Rice, Jeeseong Hwang
A hyperspectral image projector (HIP) based on liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulators (SLMs) is explained and demonstrated to generate 3D

Principles of Optical Radiometry and Measurement Uncertainty

Bettye C. Johnson, Howard W. Yoon, Joseph P. Rice, Albert C. Parr
The fundamental concepts of optical radiometry are developed from basic principles, with detailed explanations for radiance, irradiance, and reflectance

Achieving Climate Change Absolute Accuracy in Orbit

Bruce Wielicki, Joseph P. Rice
The Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory (CLARREO) mission will provide a metrology laboratory in orbit for the purpose of accurately

SORCE SSI Workshop Summary

Joseph P. Rice, Jerald Harder, Martin Snow, Thomas Woods
Over 30 scientists and calibration specialists gathered at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, for the first

Hyperspectral Image Projector Applications

Joseph P. Rice, Steven W. Brown, David W. Allen, Howard W. Yoon, Maritoni A. Litorja, Jeeseong Hwang
For the past several years NIST has been developing, along with several collaborators, a Hyperspectral Image Projector (HIP). This scene projector produces high

Hyperspectral Image Compressive Projection Algorithm

Joseph P. Rice, Jorge E. Neira, David W. Allen
We describe a compressive projection algorithm and quantitatively assess its performance when used with a Hyperspectral Image Projector (HIP). The HIP is being

Evaluation of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Francine K. Amon, Andrew J. Lock, Nelson P. Bryner, Joseph P. Rice, Howard W. Yoon
Four thermal infrared cameras that were provided by Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to NIST were each evaluated by the NIST Optical Technology Division

Measurement science for climate remote sensing

Gerald T. Fraser, Steven W. Brown, Raju V. Datla, Bettye C. Johnson, Keith R. Lykke, Joseph P. Rice
The Earth s climate is very complex and highly variable, making it difficult to measure and model small changes that occur over decadal and longer time scales

Dynamically Programmable Digital Tissue Phantoms

Steven W. Brown, Joseph P. Rice, David W. Allen, Maritoni A. Litorja, Karel Zuzak, Edward Livingston
As optical imaging modalities gain acceptance for medical diagnostics and become common in clinical applications, standardized protocols to quantitatively