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Inferring the nominal molecular mass of an analyte from its electron ionization mass spectrum

August 23, 2023
Arun Moorthy, Anthony J. Kearsley, William Mallard, William E. Wallace, Stephen E. Stein
The performance of three algorithms for predicting nominal molecular mass from an analyte's electron ionization mass spectrum is presented. The Peak Interpretation Method (PIM) attempts to quantify the likelihood that a molecular ion peak is contained in

Metabolite Profiling of a NIST Standard Reference Material for Human Plasma (SRM 1950) – GC/MS, LC/MS, NMR and Clinical Laboratory Analyses, Libraries and Web-based resources

October 22, 2013
Yamil Simon, Mark S. Lowenthal, Lisa E. Kilpatrick, Maureen L. Sampson, Kelly H. Telu, Paul A. Rudnick, William G. Mallard, Daniel W. Bearden, Tracey B. Schock, Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi, Niksa Blonder, Xinjian Yan, Yuxue Liang, Yufang Zheng, William E. Wallace, Pedatsur Neta, Karen W. Phinney, Alan T. Remaley, Stephen E. Stein
Recent progress in metabolomics and the development of increasingly sensitive analytical techniques have renewed interest in global profiling, i.e., semi-quantitative monitoring of all chemical constituents of biological fluids. In this work, we have

Development of Database on Gas-Chromatographic Retention Properties of Organic Compounds

July 2, 2007
Valeri I. Babushok, Peter J. Linstrom, J J. Reed, I G. Zenkevich, Robert L. Brown, William G. Mallard, Stephen E. Stein
A comprehensive database of gas chromatographic properties of chemical compounds has been developed using multiple literature sources. The collection of retention data for non-polar and polar stationary phases currently contains 292,924 data records for 42

The NIST Chemistry WebBook: A Tool for Chemical Data Access on the Internet

October 1, 1998
Peter J. Linstrom, William G. Mallard
The NIST WebBook is an Internet site that provides access to physical property data from the NIST Standard Reference Data Program. It was designed as a general framework for distributing physical property data. The site currently offers a wide variety of