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Martin Y. M. Chiang (Fed)

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Thermal Shrinkage Reveals the Feasibility of Pulse-delay Photocuring Technique

April 13, 2022
Sri Vikram Palagummi, Taeseung Hong, Li Jiang, Martin Chiang
Objectives: To resolve applicability of the pulse-delay photocuring technique to restorative dental composites as a clinical strategy for the reduction in the detrimental polymerization stress. Methods: Model dental composites with high and low-filler

Bioinspired Wear-Resistant and Ultra-Durable Functional Gradient Coatings

January 28, 2022
Zhengzhi Wang, Kun Wang, Houbing Huang, Xiao Cui, Zuoqi Zhang, Martin Chiang
For mechanically protective coatings, the coating material usually requires sufficient stiffness and strength to resist external forces and meanwhile matched mechanical properties with the underneath substrate to maintain the structural integrity. These

Micromechanical Compatibility Between Cells and Scaffolds Directs Phenotypic Transition of Stem Cells

January 28, 2022
Yang Song, Jiaoyue Long, Jeremiah Woodcock, Joy Dunkers, Hung Chun Lin, Douglas M. Fox, Xiaoling Liao, Yonggang Lv, Li Yang, Martin Chiang
This study experimentally substantiates the micromechanical compatibility between cell and substrate is essential for cells to achieve energetically favorable mechanotransduction that directs phenotypic transitions. The argument for this compatibility is

Micro/nano-wear studies on epoxy/silica nanocomposites

April 18, 2013
Zhengzhi Wang, Ping Gu, Xiao-ping Wu, Zhong Zhang, Martin Chiang, Hui Zhang
We proposed a new method for quantifying the micro/nano-scale wear volume (i.e., volume of wear loss) in a test to characterize the wear-resistance of nanocomposites. Effects of wear load and pass (a pattern of scan cycles), and nanoparticle content on the

Relative Rigidity of Cell-Substrate Affects Hepatic and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Migration

December 3, 2012
Martin Y. Chiang, Hongbing Wang, Li Zhong, Qiaoyan Tan, Gurinder K. Singh, Song Li, Li Yang, Yanzi Yangben
Polyacrylamide gels with different stiffness and glass were employed as substrates to investigate how substrate stiffness affects the cellular stiffness of adherent hepatocellular carcinoma (HCCLM3) and hepatic (L02) cells. The interaction of how cell

Analyses of a Cantilever-Beam Based Instrument for Evaluating the Development of Polymerization Stresses

August 9, 2011
Martin Y. Chiang, Anthony A. Giuseppetti, Joy P. Dunkers, Jing Qian, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Gary E. Schumacher, Joseph M. Antonucci
Analytical and finite element analyses have been performed on a cantilever-beam based methodology (tensometer) for evaluating the development of stresses as the concomitant of constrained polymerization shrinkage. A guideline for designing a tensometer

Solutions for Determining Equibiaxial Substrate Strain for Dynamic Cell Culture

May 2, 2010
Martin Y. Chiang, Tianle Cheng, Lisa Pakstis, Joy P. Dunkers
Empirical and analytical solutions are derived in this study to determine the equibiaxial strain on a flexible substrate upon which the cells can be cultured. The empirical formula is based on the mechanistic constraint and a regression analysis of results

High throughput adhesion testing using a modified edge lift-off test

February 17, 2008
Jiong Liu, Martin Chiang, Michael J. Fasolka, Christopher Stafford
The strength of an adhesively bonded joint depends on a host of factors such as surface treatment, roughness, materials properties, cure conditions and environmental variables. Therefore testing of adhesion within this large parameter space can be very

Cell Morphology and Migration Linked to Substrate Rigidity

January 1, 2007
Yong Ni, Martin Chiang
A mathematical model, based on thermodynamics, was developed to demonstrate the substrate mechanics influences the cell morphology and migration. The mechanisms by which substrate rigidity are translated into cell morphological changes and cell movement

Probing the Interfacial Adhesion Strength in Compositional Libraries of Epoxy Films

May 1, 2006
Christopher Stafford, J Y. Kim, D Kawaguchi, Gareth Royston, Martin Chiang
We are developing a measurement platform, based on the edge lift-off test geometry, geared towards combinatorial and high-throughput (C&HT) assessment of interfacial reliability in thermally cured epoxy materials. A critical parameter space to be explored

Estimation of the Interfacial Adhesion Strength in Compositional Libraries of Epoxy Films

February 22, 2006
Jae Hyun Kim, Martin Y. Chiang, D Kawaguchi, Gareth Royston, Christopher M. Stafford
At the NIST Combinatorial Methods Center (NCMC), we have designed, developed, and demonstrated a combinatorial approach to the edge delamination test to char-acterize the adhesion of thin polymer films. This test is based on fracture of a film/substrate