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Microwave characterization of graphene inks

October 11, 2021
Jan Obrzut, Ana C. M. Moraes
Systematic charge transport characterization of solution-processed graphene inks using ethyl cellulose polymer as a binder/stabilizer, showed graphene patterns with high mobility ( 160 cm2 V-1 s-1), low energy gap, thermally activated charge transport and

STEM-in-SEM: A Re-Emerging Material Measurement Approach

September 21, 2021
Robert Keller
Analytical STEM-in-SEM has undergone a striking resurgence in terms of both methodology development and applications over the past 10 to 15 years, driven in part by the significant technological potential promised by low-dimensional structures such as

Alternatives to aluminum gates for silicon quantum devices: Defects and strain

September 15, 2021
Ryan Stein, Zachary Barcikowski, Sujitra Pookpanratana, Joshua M. Pomeroy, Michael Stewart
Gate-defined quantum dots (QD) benefit from the use of small grain size metals for gates materials because it aids in shrinking the device dimensions. However, it is not clear what differences arise with respect to process-induced defect densities and

Single-photon detection in the mid-infrared up to 10 micron wavelength using tungsten silicide superconducting nanowire detectors

September 14, 2021
Varun Verma, Adriana Lita, Yao Zhai, Heli C. Vora, Richard Mirin, Sae Woo Nam, Boris Korzh, Alex Walter, Ryan Briggs, Marco Colangelo, Emma Wollman, Andrew Beyer, Jason Allmaras, D. Zhu, Ekkehart Schmidt, A. G. Kozorezov, Matthew Shaw
We developed superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) based on tungsten silicide (WSi) that show saturated internal detection efficiency up to a wavelength of 10 um. These detectors are promising for applications in the mid-infrared

MAUD Rietveld Refinement Software for Neutron Diffraction Texture Studies of Single and Dual-Phase Materials

August 19, 2021
Alec Saville, Emily Mitchell, Sven Vogel, Adam Abel Creuziger, Jake Benzing, Kester Clarke, Jonah Klemm-Toole, Amy Clarke
This work presents a detailed instructional demonstration using the Rietveld refinement software MAUD for evaluating the crystallographic texture of single- and dual-phase materials, as applied to High-Pressure-Preferred-Orientation (HIPPO) neutron

Influence of solidification structure on austenite to martensite transformation in additively manufactured hot-work tool steels

August 15, 2021
Chia-Ying Chou, Niklas H. Pettersson, Durga A, Fan Zhang, Christos Oikonomou, Annika Borgenstam, Joakim Odqvist, Greta Lindwall
The microstructure of a hot-work tool steel additively manufactured using laser powder-bed fusion (L-PBF), and its response to post heat treatment, is studied in detail by microstructure characterization and computational thermodynamics and kinetics. The

Electrically Driven Exchange Bias via Solid State Magneto-Ionics

August 9, 2021
Peyton Murray, Alexander Grutter, Brian Kirby
Electrically induced ionic motion offers a new way to realize voltage-controlled magnetism, opening the door to a new generation of logic, sensor, and data storage technologies. Here, we demonstrate an effective approach to magneto-ionically and

Adaptive Peak Fitting for Isotope Analysis via Atom Probe Mass Spectrometry

July 30, 2021
Frederick Meisenkothen, Daniel Samarov, Mark McLean, Irina Kalish, Eric B. Steel
Atom probe tomography (APT) is an emergent characterization technique that has begun to see widespread use within the last 15 years. The technique offers the highest spatial resolution of any mass spectrometry technique for solid-state specimens, as well

Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Characterization of SrCl 2 -ENG Composite for Thermochemical Heat Storage

July 28, 2021
Anastasiia Karabanova, Kenneth D. Knudsen, Perizat Berdiyeva, Leide P. Cavalcanti, Yun Liu, Michel van der Pal, Stefano Deledda, Didier Blanchard
This work presents an in-situ nanoscale structural characterization of the composite material SrCl2-Expanded Natural Graphite (ENG) during ammonia absorption and desorption, using small angle neutron scattering (SANS) together with X-ray powder diffraction

Atom probe tomography

July 22, 2021
Ann Chiaramonti Debay, Baptiste Gault, Julie Cairney, Michael P. Moody, Oana Cojocaru-Miredin, Patrick Stender, Renelle Dubosq, Christoph Freysoldt, Surendra Kumar Makineni, Tong Li
Atom probe tomography (APT) provides three-dimensional compositional mapping with sub-nanometre resolution. The sensitivity of APT is in the range of parts per million for all elements, including light elements such as hydrogen, carbon or lithium, enabling
Displaying 1 - 25 of 1613