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A high-strength precipitation hardened cobalt-free high-entropy alloy

April 12, 2023
Matthew Luebbe, Jiaqi Duan, Fan Zhang, Jonathan Poplawsky, Hans Pommeranke, Maalavan Arivu, Andrew Hoffman, Haiming Wen
Recent studies on precipitation-hardened high-entropy alloys (HEAs) demonstrate their high strength and thermal stability, making them promising materials for high-temperature structural applications such as nuclear reactors. However, many existing HEAs

Effect of Alkali-Silica Reaction on the Flexural Behavior of Beams with Tensile Lap Splices

March 31, 2023
Long Phan, Jonathan Weigand, Fahim H. Sadek, Adam L. Pintar, Sorin Marcu, Travis Thonstad, Timothy Barrett
A series of 19 beam specimens, with varying stirrup spacing and tensile lap splice lengths, were tested at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under four-point loading to investigate the impact of alkali silica reaction (ASR) on the

Effect of Aging on Unidirectional Composite Laminate Polyethylene for Body Armor

March 8, 2023
Amy Engelbrecht-Wiggans, Ajay Krishnamurthy, Amanda L. Forster
Ballistic-resistant body armor has increasingly been using flexible unidirectional (UD) composite laminates that comprise multiple layers in the armor construction. Each UD layer contains high-performance fibers held in place using very low modulus binder

Resolving Complex Photoconductivity of Perovskite and Organic Semiconductor Films Using Phase-Sensitive Microwave Interferometry

March 2, 2023
Jasleen Bindra, Pragya Shrestha, Sebastian Engmann, Chad Cruz, Lea Nienhaus, Emily Bittle, Jason Campbell
Complex transient photoconductivity (Δσ) contains rich fingerprints of charge recombination dynamics in photoactive films. However, a direct measure of both real (Δσ′) and imaginary (Δσ″) components has proven difficult using conventional cavity-based time

The hazard of UV-induced oxidation to solar-viewing spacecraft optics

March 2, 2023
Charles S. Tarrio, Robert F. Berg, Thomas B. Lucatorto, Dale E. Newbury, Nicholas Ritchie, Andrew Jones, Frank Eparvier
The two most prevalent outgas contaminants on satellites are organic molecules and water vapor. Adsorbed organic molecules can degrade a solar-viewing instrument when they are cracked by ultraviolet radiation (UV) and become a light-absorbing layer of

Fire Resistance of Structural Members and Assemblies

March 1, 2023
Matthew Hoehler
The selection of building materials and the design of the details of construction always play an important role in overall building fire safety. Two important fire safety considerations regarding the building structure are to minimize the likelihood of

Solidification modes during additive manufacturing of steel revealed by high-speed X-ray diffraction

March 1, 2023
Hans-Henrik Konig, Niklas Hollander Pettersson, A Durga, Steven Van Petegem, Daniel Grolimund, Qilin Guo, Chihpin Chuang, lianyi Chen, Christos Oikonomou, Fan Zhang, Greta Lindwall
Solidification during fusion-based additive manufacturing (AM) is characterized by high solidification velocities and high thermal gradients, two factors that control the solidification mode of AM metals and alloys. Using two synchrotron-based, in situ

Reaction-Induced Phase Separation (RIPS) in Amine-Cured Epoxy/Epoxy Thermosets.2. Visualization of Heterogeneity using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)

February 25, 2023
Jeremiah Woodcock, Stephan J. Stranick, Anthony Kotula, Gale A. Holmes
The strategic integration of a rhodamine-spirolactam (RS) mechanophore into a transparent bis-epoxide/bis-epoxide/amine and corresponding bis-epoxide/amine networks has revealed, for the first time using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)

Control of Micro-and Nanostructure of Layered Double Hydroxides by Hydrothermal Treatment

February 23, 2023
Keiichiro Maegawa, Fan Zhang, Qiaxian Johnson, Mihaela Jitianu, Tan Wai Kian, Go Kawamura, Atsunori Matsuda, Andrei Jitianu
Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are mixed M(II) and M(III) hydroxides with positively charged lamellar brucite layers and interlayered anions. LDHs attracted significant attention due to their anion and cation-exchange ability, adsorption capacity, and

Unified graph neural network force-field for the periodic table: solid state applications

February 23, 2023
Kamal Choudhary, Brian DeCost, Lily Major, Keith Butler, Jeyan Thiyagalingam, Francesca Tavazza
Classical force fields (FFs) based on machine learning (ML) methods show great potential for large scale simulations of solids. MLFFs have hitherto largely been designed and fitted for specific systems and are not usually transferable to chemistries beyond

Solvent Transport Model for Polyamide Nanofilm Membranes Based on Accurate Hansen Solubility Parameters

February 21, 2023
Min Gyu Shin, Wansuk Choi, June Huh, William Mulhearn, Jung Sun Hwang, Christopher Stafford, Jeong F Kim, Jung Hyun Lee
Polyamide (PA) nanofilm membranes for solvent filtration are widely used in various industries. However, reliable models that can describe solvent transport in PA membranes have yet to be developed owing to measurement challenges associated with the highly

Thermal and Electronic Properties of Ba2MnSe3

February 15, 2023
Adam Biacchi, Oluwagbemiga Ojo, Wilarachchige Gunatilleke, George Nolas
The structural, thermal, and electronic properties of Ba2MnSe3 were investigated. Analysis of the low-temperature heat capacity revealed a low Debye temperature and a low average speed of sound that, together with the bonding in this material, result in a

Nondestructive quantification of single crystal elasticity for additively manufactured SB-CoNi-10C, IN625, and Ti64

February 2, 2023
Jeff Rossin, Patrick Leser, Jake Benzing, Chris Torbet, Peter Dillon, Stephen Smith, Samantha Daly, Tresa Pollock
Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (RUS) is capable of determining the single crystal elastic constants from polycrystalline specimens with known crystallographic texture. However, the calculated single crystal elastic constants vary with the measured

A Non-Intrusive Fluorescent Pattern for Internal Microscale Strain Measurements Using Digital Image Correlation

February 1, 2023
Ami Ahure Powell, William Mulhearn, Shawn Chen, Stephan J. Stranick, Jeffrey Gilman, Mark Iadicola, Jeremiah Woodcock
A non-intrusive and non-disruptive internal fluorescent pattern is designed, developed, and tested using digital image correlation (DIC), an effective non-contact optical method, to measure deformation at internal planes of a polymer matrix material. The

Dynamic structural and microstructural responses of a metal organic framework type material to carbon dioxide under dual gas flow and supercritical conditions

February 1, 2023
Andrew J. Allen, Eric J. Cockayne, Winnie Wong-Ng, Jeffrey Culp, Ivan Kuzmenko
The structural and microstructural responses of a model metal-organic framework (MOF) material, Ni(3-Methy-4,4'-bipyridine)[Ni(CN)4] (Ni-BpyMe or PICNIC 21), to CO2 adsorption and desorption are reported for in situ small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and
Displaying 1 - 25 of 1937