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Design Space Exploration for Wireless-Integrated Factory Automation Systems

June 10, 2019
Jing Jeng, Honglei Li, Yongkang Liu, Mohamed Hany, Rick Candell, Shuvra Bhattacharyya
Recent years have brought significantly increased interest in integrating wireless communication capabilities within factory automation systems. Such integration motivates the study of interactions among the physical layout of factory workcells, wireless

A SysML Representation of the Wireless Factory Work-cell

June 6, 2019
Richard Candell, Mohamed T. Hany, Yongkang Liu, Sebti Foufou
Smart Manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0, provides a vision of future manufacturing systems that incorporate highly dynamic physical systems, robust and responsive communications systems, and computing paradigms to maximize efficiency, enable

Channel Characterization and Delay Optimization for Industrial Wireless Control Systems

March 4, 2019
Xiaolin Jiang, Zhibo Pang, Rick Candell, Dacfey Dzung, Michele Luvisotto, Carlo Fischione
Wireless communication is gaining popularity in industry for its simple deployment, mobility and low cost. Ultra low latency and high reliability requirements of mission critical industrial applications are highly demanding for wireless communication, and

Millimeter-Wave Channel Measurement and Modeling: A NIST Perspective

December 7, 2018
Camillo A. Gentile, Peter B. Papazian, Nada T. Golmie, Catherine A. Remley, Peter G. Vouras, Jelena Senic, Jian Wang, Jack Chuang, Ruoyu Sun
The exponential increase in wireless data transmission from smartphones has led to the saturation of the sub-6-GHz bands, forcing cellular providers to migrate to the millimeter-wave (mmWave) regime for 5G. Although available channel bandwidths will grow

Standards-based integration of advanced process control and optimization

October 28, 2018
Guodong Shao, Hasan Latif, Carla Martin, Peter O. Denno
Integration of process control with optimization is critical to Smart Manufacturing (SM). Oftentimes, however, the process control solutions from one vendor do not interoperate with the optimization solutions of another. Incompatibilities among the

The Industrial Ontologies Foundry Proof-of-Concept Project

August 26, 2018
Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Evan K. Wallace, Dimitris Kiritsis, Barry Smith, Chris Will
The current industrial revolution is said to be driven by the digitization of manu-facturing that exploits connected information across all aspects of manufacturing. Standards have been recognized as an important enabler. Ontology is the next generation

Model-based Cosimulation for Industrial Wireless Networks

June 15, 2018
Ging Jeng, Honglei Li, Yanzhou Liu, Yongkang Liu, Mohamed Hany, Rick Candell, Shuvra Bhattacharyya
Wireless communications technology has the potential to provide major benefits in lowering the cost and increasing the efficiency of factory automation (FA) systems. However, design of FA systems that employ wireless networks involves stringent constraints

Dimensioning Wireless Use Cases in Industrial Internet of Things

June 12, 2018
Yongkang Liu, Rick Candell, Mohamed Hany, Lotfi Benmohamed
Industrial wireless is becoming increasingly needed in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for carrying mission-critical data to leverage the visibility, control, and safety of industrial environments. In this paper we propose a framework that

Guide to Industrial Wireless Systems Deployments

May 21, 2018
Richard Candell, Mohamed T. Hany, Kang B. Lee, Yongkang Liu, Jeanne T. Quimby, Catherine A. Remley
This document is intended to be a practical guide used by engineers and managers facilitating them to go through the process of defining the objectives of their wireless systems and examining the environments where the wireless systems are to be deployed

Quasi-Deterministic-Channel-Propagation Model for a Data Center at 60 GHz

May 1, 2018
Camillo A. Gentile, Peter B. Papazian, Roy Sun, Jelena Senic, Jian Wang
We describe a measurement campaign conducted in a data center, a unique environment in which transceivers are positioned above the server racks. A total of 80 channel acquisitions, including small-scale measurements, were recorded using our 3D double

Fading due to static and dynamic features in a factory environment on wireless channels

April 20, 2018
Alexandra Curtin, David R. Novotny, Richard Candell, Galen H. Koepke, Peter B. Papazian, Jeanne T. Quimby, Catherine A. Remley
Channel sounding of dense or complex environments such as industrial or factory spaces is an important piece to the puzzle of increasing the deployment of current and next-generation wireless technologies. The deployment of machine--to-machine or vehicle

NIST Channel Sounder Overview and Channel Measurements in Manufacturing Facilities

November 8, 2017
Jeanne T. Quimby, Richard Candell, Catherine A. Remley, David R. Novotny, Joseph Diener, Peter B. Papazian, Alexandra Curtin, Galen H. Koepke
Manufacturers are increasingly choosing wireless platforms to replace wired ones due to their ease of installation, upgrade, and reconfigurability. Reliable and secure real-time performance of wireless platforms is technically challenging because wireless

Real-Time Scheduling for Wireless Networks with Random Deadlines

July 26, 2017
Mohamed Hany, Nader Moayeri
The use of wireless communications in industrial environments is motivated by the flexibility that wireless networks provide and their cost-efficient setup and maintenance. Various wireless technologies have been introduced to satisfy the strict industrial
Displaying 26 - 50 of 59