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Recommendations for Collecting, Curating, and Re-Using Manufacturing Data



Moneer M. Helu, Thomas D. Hedberg Jr.


This report provides general recommendations for collecting, curating, and re-using manufacturing data from both additive and subtractive processes. The intended audience includes researchers, technical-assessment personnel, and end-users who would like to collect data from manufacturing equipment on the shop floor. These recommendations provide guidance to design and implement a network-based solution to manage data collected from manufacturing equipment on the shop floor. To the extent possible, broadly-accepted, international, open, consensus-based standards are recommended. Using this report, the reader should be able to understand the value of collecting manufacturing data, how to get started collect it, and the relevant manufacturing data standards that may help in this process.
Advanced Manufacturing Series (NIST AMS) - 300-11
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Additive manufacturing, Connectivity, Data collection, Data curation, Data management, Smart Manufacturing, Subtractive manufacturing
Created July 16, 2020