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System Error Calibration in Large Datasets of Wireless Channel Sounding for Industrial Applications



Qi Wang, Richard Candell, Zhibo Pang, Wei Liang


The large comprehensive microwave wireless channel impulse response (CIR) reference dataset, measured by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has been a useful tool for industrial applications. While extensive and high-fidelity, two types of system errors have been discovered within the dataset, record clock glitch and carrier frequency offset. To calibrate the CIR, a channel sounder error calibration method (CSEC) is proposed. Two CSEC methods are proposed to compensate for system errors. One method is CSEC based on phase estimation and correction. Another CSEC method is on carrier frequency offset recovery. The L1- norm distance metric is deployed to measure the difference among CIRs and evaluate the performance of the CSEC. To demonstrate the consequence of these systemic errors, a case study involving physical layer user authentication is investigated showing a marked improvement in authentication accuracy after the systemic errors in the dataset are removed. Our results reveal that the accuracy of the CIR in the NIST reference dataset is noticeably improved by the CSEC. Moreover, the CSEC method may be used to correct other wireless channel sounder datasets with similar systemic errors.
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics


industrial wireless communication, error calibration, NIST wireless sounding dataset, channel sounding, channel impulse response, synchronization


Wang, Q. , Candell, R. , Pang, Z. and Liang, W. (2020), System Error Calibration in Large Datasets of Wireless Channel Sounding for Industrial Applications, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, [online], (Accessed September 22, 2021)
Created September 30, 2020, Updated October 1, 2020