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Refocusing the Barriers to Sustainability for Small and Medium Manufacturers

February 14, 2022
Xavier R. Escoto, Demsas Gebrehewot, KC Morris
Sustainable manufacturing practices are a necessary component of sustainable development. Current practices in a linear economy—produce, consume, discard—will not be sufficient to sustain humanity over the long term. At the same time manufacturing is

Quantifying Machining Process Inventories In Detailed Design

August 24, 2021
William Z. Bernstein, Till Boettjer, Deverajan Ramanujan
This paper quantifies machining process inventories based on commonly used techniques in various stages of the detailed design process. We investigate variabilities in process inventories between these techniques and their relation to manufacturing process

Advances in Production Management Systems: Issues, Trends, and Vision Towards 2030

August 13, 2021
Boonserm Kulvatunyou, David Romero, Gregor V. Cieminski, Paolo Gaiardelli, Ilkyeong Moon, Giuditta Pezzotta, Stefan Wiesner, Marco Macchi, Jannicke B. Hauge, Irene Roda, Daryl Powell, Torbj?rn Netland, Nick Szirbik, Christoph Roser, Erlend Alfnes, Martin Rudberg
Since its inception in 1978, the IFIP Working Group 5.7 on Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS) has played an active role in the conception, development, and application of innovative strategies, frameworks, architectures, processes, methods

Discovering Critical KPI Factors from Natural Language in Maintenance Work Orders

April 22, 2021
Michael Sharp, Michael Brundage, Thurston Sexton, Fnu Madhusudanan Navinchandran
Optimizing maintenance practices is a continuous process that must take into account the evolving state of the equipment, resources, workers, and more. To help streamline this process, facilities need a concise procedure for identifying critical tasks and

Realizing Environmentally-Conscious Manufacturing in the Post-COVID-19 Era

December 16, 2020
Nancy Diaz-Elsayed, Julius Schoop, KC Morris
The unique and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in significant disruptions to diverse manufacturing supply chains across the globe. The negative economic impacts of these unexpected and rapid changes in demand and available

A Decision Support Methodology for Integrated Machining Process and Operation Plans for Sustainability and Productivity Assessment

April 12, 2020
Qais Hatim, Christopher Saldana, Guodong Shao, Duckbong Kim, KC Morris, Paul Witherell, Sudarsan Rachuri, Soundar Kumara
In this paper, a systematic methodology is presented to enable environmental sustainability and productivity performance assessment for integrated process and operation plans at the machine cell level of a manufacturing system. This approach determines

Defining Near-term to Long-term Research Opportunities to Advance Metrics, Models, and Methods for Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing

February 21, 2020
Arvind Shankar Raman, Karl Haapala, Kamyar Raoufi, Barbara S. Linke, William Z. Bernstein, KC Morris
Over the past century, research has focused on continuously improving the performance of manufacturing processes and systems - often measured in terms of cost, quality, productivity, and material and energy efficiency. With the advent of smart


November 27, 2019
Arvind Shankar Raman, Dustin Harper, Karl Haapala, Barbara S. Linke, William Z. Bernstein, KC Morris
A workshop on Challenges in Representing Manufacturing Processes for Systematic Sustainability Assessments, jointly sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, ASTM International, the American

Towards Operational Use of Unit Manufacturing Process Models

July 25, 2019
Amogh Kulkarni, William Z. Bernstein, David Lechevalier, Daniel Balasubramanian, Gabor Karsai, Peter O. Denno
Unit Manufacturing Processes (UMP) are models that capture succinct definitions of individual manufacturing steps in a manufacturing system. They are used to facilitate model composition and reuse. However, mainly due to their textual nature, they are

The Unit Manufacturing Process (UMP) Builder: User's Guide

July 3, 2019
David Lechevalier, William Z. Bernstein
The ASTM E3012-16 Standard Guide for Characterizing Environmental Aspects of Manufacturing Processes provides guidelines for formally characterizing manufacturing processes. However, the difficulty that has arisen in the early use of the standard

A Reference Schema for the Unit Manufacturing Process Information Model

May 7, 2019
William Bernstein, David Lechevalier
This document presents supporting documentation for a reference implementation of the Unit Manufacturing Process (UMP) information model presented in ASTM E3012, Standard Guide for Characterizing Environmental Aspects of Manufacturing Processes. A version
Displaying 1 - 25 of 136